A quick overview of Trumps presidency so far

With already one year of Donald Trump’s presidency, I thought it was time to actually see what he has been doing to the country.
After the big surprise with Trump’s election, inside and outside the US borders, we have been looking at a President that has nothing to do with any former Presidents. The reality is that most people see Trump as consumed with himself, uneducated in policy, unpredictable, and combative.
There’s has never been a President of the United States tweeting. That’s new. And even though it shows that he knows how to use Twitter, the reality is that he is the most important person in the country and he shouldn’t be doing it. But even worse than continue to use Twitter is the fact that he is actually running his presidency through tweets.
During his first year as a President, I actually lost count to the so many different scandals around him. They were so many starting with Trump antagonizing Republican Senators. If he had a clue about what he is doing, he wouldn’t definitely mess with them. After all, they have the power on their hands to decide Trump’s future if there is an impeachment. And speaking about impeachment, this was the first time in the history of the United States that just four months after the election, everyone was speaking about it.
Taking an overall look at this last year with Trump running the beloved country, I keep seeing mistake after mistake being done. After all, he has done everything from being accused of obstruction to justice, he still didn’t go through with any of his big campaign promises, he converted allies into enemies, he fanned all the conspiracy flames regarding his relationship with Russia, he keeps sending conflicting messages on policy, and he keeps insulting and contradicting his own staff. Now his actions have called his UK state visit into question.
While some people find all this amusing, the truth is that Trump is destroying the country. America has always been the land of opportunities, the land where you can find people from all nations and religions living peacefully. And now of the sudden, he wants to build the wall in Mexico’s borderline. Luckily, I’m not the only person thinking this way. After all, all his attempts to get funding for his Mexican border wall have been ignored.
The reality is that we have Donald Trump as President of the United States. However, the final word isn’t his. It’s the Constitution. And this is something that we need to be grateful for. After all, the courts aren’t afraid of Trump. You just need to see how they turned down his immigration orders several times and they even indicted his campaign manager.
Another sad fact (for Donald Trump at least) is that he keeps being ignored by his own team. Different members of his Cabinet keep contradicting him time after time. Just think about Puerto Rico’s debt or the Iran deal to mention just two examples.
Overall, I can say that I don’t like President Trump. I didn’t like him before as a businessman and I don’t like him now, as a President. However, so far, he hasn’t been able to do any of those things he promised he would. So, I just tend to look at his speeches and mostly tweets as a Reality TV Show and hope for the best. However, he really needs to try harder and start to think about this country first. In case he is not ready or willing to do it, he needs to leave office

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