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Like many of you I like technology. Whether it’s the new Samsung phone, Xbox or computer I want one. However with a limited amount of money available to buy these gadgets I’m always looking for discounts or just looking for a reliable website where the prices for new tech is affordable. The one thing you need to remember while looking for new tech on the cheap, is if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. I’ve almost made this mistake a couple of times myself, but luckily I haven’t been fooled into buying something fake, yet.

Watch out for fake sites

There’s a couple of ways to find out if the website you’re looking at is a bit dodgy. In my opinion the easiest thing to look at is the content of the website, or more specifically the language. Does it all make sense? are there any spelling mistakes? or anything that just doesn’t look right. Admittedly spelling mistakes to happen, even on the best and most reliable websites. However if it’s a site that you’ve never heard of before; that you’ve never been on, then it’s probably not a reliable website to be spending hundreds of pounds.


Another great way to find out the legitimacy of a website is to look at reviews for the websites. Through TripAdvisor, Trustpilot or any other review site you can find reviews of other people’s experience from using it. You can find some horror stories and some really bad, bad reviews of some websites, this is how you know not to make the same mistake someone before has.

Comparison sites/apps

Using a comparison website or app is a great thing to do, presuming you know what it is you want to buy. However if you don’t it’s pretty useless. My favourite comparison website is pricerunner, they also have an android app to save time trawling through your web browser. They compare prices for literally anything you can think of, and they only compare prices from trusted sites. This ensures that you’re not getting into any dodgy deals. Whether you want a brand new Xbox One, a washing machine or some aftershave, pricerunner is the place to go.

The websites I look at most looking for deals are Ebay and Amazon, because the majority of the time they can’t be beaten on price. However that’s only the majority of the time, sometimes they are more expensive, that’s also something to watch. Just because your on a site that usually offers a good offer, it doesn’t mean they always do. They have to make money somewhere. One site I keep an eye on is Tech Trade, they stock the latest tech from Apple, Samsung and many other big high street brands. They offer discounted prices on almost all of their products. They have a review score of 8.7/10 so be sure to check them out!




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