Apple, how are you so successful?

I have to admit Apple are an extremely successful company, mainly due to the late Steve Jobs that made the company what it is today. However I find how big and successful they are to be extremely annoying.
The amount of money they make is absolutely insane, and they do this through ways that should make them one of the worst and most hated companies around. However somehow they maintain a staggeringly large fan base that buys absolutely anything the company release.
I can’t decide who I feel bad for the most, the suckers that buy the phones or the unfortunate people that are forced to make them. 

Phones are made by people that don’t get paid in shambolic conditions. There are numerous documentaries showing the kind of conditions that workers are forced to work in. For example working pretty much all day, everyday, with getting either little or no pay. Furthermore they have to suffer with not getting breaks, or even toilet breaks for that matter. As well as basically being unable to leave work. The blame for all this almost always goes to the companies that operate the factories.

However Apple is as much to blame as well. Yes they only outsource the contracts to the factories so technically they aren’t completely to blame. However it’s because of all the cost cutting and the low pricing of the contracts that these factories are in one way given no choice to allow such bad conditions for the workers. Because hey, everybody has go make a profit, and clearly these companies don’t care at what cost their profit it coming from.

The phones are then sold at an extortionate price for a massive profit for Apple. Take the newest phone for example, the iPhone X. The phone costs £999 to buy. In other words the most expensive phone currently on the market. On the other hand the next biggest phone, the Samsung S8 is priced at £869. That is £130 more for the iPhone X. 

The estimated production cost for the iPhone X are only £267. As you will notice the difference between the cost and sale is HUGE. Although i have to say that the £267 figure does not include the cost of transport or the marketing costs for the phone. Even still the difference is astonishing, and gives an insight into how Apple make so much money. Remember also that the difference will be mirrored across all Apple products. It would be interesting to find out the real production cost of all of the different Apple products.

One the other hand with the s8 the production cost is £229. There is only a small difference between the cost to make an iPhone compared to a Samsung, and a big difference in sale price. Again this shows how much Apple are ripping off it’s customers, and foolishly it’s customers allow it. If everyone stopped for a second and realised that Apple are robbing them blind they would be forced to do the right thing. That being making better improvements to their products and selling them at a more fairer price.

One thing that shocked me when I come across it was that Apple supposedly code their software updates to make older phone run slower and eventually obsolete. This in turn forces the customer to by a new phone, and because they had an iPhone before why would they not buy the newest, but only slightly improved and extortionate iPhone?

If this were to be true it would be one of the reasons to why Apple remain such a big player in the mobile phone market. It would also prove that the only part of its customers it cares about are their wallets. 

Steve jobs was always known as someone that would use questionable tactics to remain successful. We probably will never know the full extent of his scheming and ripping off its customers and business partners. No matter how many sponsored documentaries about it get made.

Advertising is also a major reason why Apple are so successful. Wherever you are you are only meters away from an advert. What better way to sell a product than to shove it into a consumers face until they finally decide to make the biggest mistake in their lives and buy one…

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