BREXIT, what the hell is happening.

Well, in my opinion, completely the opposite to what should be happening. Everything that is coming out about the Brexit negotiations seems to be very one-sided. So far I haven’t seen anything that actually benefits the UK, and that is very, very bad.

There’s news of this €40 Billion Brexit ‘divorce bill’ that the PM is willing to pay to break the negotiation deadlock. There’s one word that popped into my head when I read this, that word being, why. Why in the world should we pay the EU to carry on with Brexit talks. Negotiations are supposed to benefit both sides, however from the sounds of it Theresa May just ran at Jean-Claude Juncker with €40 Billion like she ran through corn fields, and this way of negotiating is benefitting no one other than the EU.

Furthermore, where is she planning on getting the €40 Billion from? It would just mean more cuts to services that are already facing cuts and that are struggling because of it. The payment to the EU will not benefit the UK in any way, the only thing it will do is break the deadlock and allow the EU to further take advantage of the UK by giving us a crappy deal.

Another one of the key issues that came out over the past couple of days was the Irish border. The government were prepared to allow Northern Ireland to remain apart of the EU’s customs union and the single market in ‘all but name’. However the leader of the DUP said the party wouldn’t accept any Brexit deal that ‘separates’ Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

Thank god there is someone in the government that is talking some sense. The country voted to LEAVE the EU and LEAVE the single market, so what the hell is May doing saying that a quarter of the country can stay in them because it shares a border with a continuing EU member. I understand that its a sensitive issue because of the border, however that talking point shouldn’t have even entered negotiation talks, never mind almost agreeing to it.

The Irish PM is right in not wanting a hard border between the two Ireland’s because it would only make things worse, when has a hard border ever been a good thing, it definitely wasn’t a good thing the last time there were border checks in Ireland, so why would anything be any different in the future. Other major examples of Hard borders not working and causing controversy include the Berlin wall and the wall between the US and Mexico that always seems to be in news, somewhere.

The DUP leader is also right in saying that it would separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK because it would. Near enough anything that the UK could possibly benefit from post-Brexit, Northern Ireland couldn’t. Any form of trade agreements or investments would either not apply to NI or it would, most likely, need to be hugely different. On the other hand anything that NI could benefit from, for remaining a member in all but name, the rest of the UK couldn’t. Certain laws would also have to be different because of the EU.

Since we joined the EU all those years ago we have been forced to abide my a huge amount of laws, there’s probably a lot of laws that apply that we don’t even know about. There’s definitely a lot of laws that the government will want to see that back of as soon as we break ties with the EU. However if NI was to stay apart of the EU in all but name then the laws would still apply there, further separating the country from the rest of the UK. As a result of this, in my opinion, there wouldn’t be much point in Northern Ireland remaining apart of the UK, and a lot of other people would probably think that as well.

I don’t say that because I’m anti-Irish or anything like that, because I’m not. However the DUP leader is right in saying that the country would be separated, because it would, probably in many, many more ways that any of us can think of. Eventually I think this would lead the country down the path of having a referendum on whether NI stays apart of the UK, just like Scotland did. I just fear that if this were to happen the result wouldn’t be the one we would all be hoping for.


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