Carl, oh Carl. Its what we’ve always wanted. [SPOILER ALERT]

So… after years of waiting. After more and more people wanting the one-eyed wonder to fall from grace, he finally did. To the surprise of everybody. Even though so many people wanted it to happen, no one ever thought it would. I mean, he and his father have remained untouchable for all these years so why would it change? More importantly everybody thought that Carl would take over the reigns from Rick when he finally bites the bullet, but i guess not.

The thing i find amusing is how everybody’s opinion of Carl changed. At the very beginning he was a cute, innocent little kid that everybody fell in love with. However as he got older, and the series went on, we came to realise that he isn’t an innocent little kid anymore, he’s a major pain in the backside and the show would be better off without him.

In terms of the story its also a major curveball as this is about as far away from the comics the TV show has gone, yet another reason why the sudden, but not sudden enough, death was totally unexpected. It raises a lot of questions about the future of the show. As Carl is only one of two original characters from the first series, the other being the big man himself, Rick. I wonder what this means for the future of the show…. guess we’ll have to wait until Feb to find out for sure, but we could always throw around some possibilities

  •  What does it mean for Rick.

Already there wasn’t much holding that shell of a man together but now with his son biting the dust he has basically lost everything. He went crazy enough after his wife died, but after everything they have both been through and fought through it will be an even bigger kick in the teeth.

  • What does it mean for the story?

I’m guessing the show is now going to turn into getting revenge for Coral’s death, even though realistically its no ones fault other than his own. My prediction is that its going to be blamed on Negan and something that he, or one of his goons did. Then its gonna turn into even more of a ‘everybody hates Negan’ show and nothing will change until the end of the season when Negan finally falls.

  • Who will take over from Rick.


In my opinion there are two options. The first being that Rick will die and that will be the end of The Walking Dead. Plain and simple. The second option is Rick will still die, and Daryl will take 14565758210_59231cac38_bover the group. There are a couple of reasons why i think this will happen. Daryl is a strong character and is a shoot first ask later kind of guy, basically what the show is all about. I also think he is a good leader, when he wants to, and when the opportunity arises, he leads and does it well. Furthermore Daryl isn’t in the comics, and one way of keeping a series going is by setting new precedent’s and going bigger and better than before. So one way to beat killing of Coral is to have the show lead by a character that was never apart of the original comic books.

  • Will Carl even die

Yes. He may only be bitten, and he may be still alive, or as good as, for now. But there’s no coming back for him. The actor that plays Coral, or Carl? However you say it, Chandler Riggs, has made it known that he is leaving the show. It will give the actor a chance to do things and work on things he hasn’t been able to over the past 8 years.


Well Carl, its been a long and strenuous journey over the past 8 seasons, there’s been some real eye catching moments. But sadly its the end of the road for you, you won’t be missed.





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