How to live in the UK affordably: Housing

In my opinion I think the best option is house sharing. There are just so many reasons why its better than anything else.
However we’ll look at the other options first.
Unless you have thousands of pounds already saved this just isn’t an option. To buy a house you need a deposit. There are many options when it comes to deposits on houses but they all include a lot of money upfront, and a lot of people don’t have that.
You also need to be able to afford the mortgage payments every month. Buying is the best option if you have the means to do it. However a lot of people don’t. It means you can make the place yours, and also its yours, so you don’t need to be worried about being kicked out or anything.
Renting independently
This ones expensive, especially now. The average rent is at £899 including London, and £724, according to THISISMONEY. For a lot of people this is off the table straight away, including me, I could never afford this, and I’m not quite sure how people do.
This is especially expensive, this figure doesn’t include anything else, so you would still need to pay for bills, council tax, TV license.
Council Housing
An option that could work for you, if you are illegible, however even then you would be put on a waiting list, and a very long one at that. So if you’re looking for a quick solution, this probably isn’t the option for you.
An alternative solution however it actually seems to be quite a good option now that houses are so expensive. Houseboats are on the most popular options when it comes to alternative living solutions.


So let’s get to the option that is best in my opinion, house sharing.
There are loads of reasons why house sharing is beneficial to everyone involved, the rent and all of the bills are split between the amount of people living there. So instead of having to spend all your money on bills and rent, you can splash out on a nice new TV or holidays. This is the cheapest option that I have found. Furthermore it allows you to be able to save for a place of your own more quickly.
You will never be alone, or you’ll never be alone for long. For as long as you will be doing a house share you will almost always have someone around you, so if you need to get something off your chest or you want to binge watch the new series of The Walking Dead, there will be someone there to do it.
On the other hand it means that you wont have as much privacy as you would if you were living independently. That means no more walking around the house naked! However if you want some privacy you can always go to your room.
Cleaning is something that can cause problems if some house mates aren’t pulling their weight. However if everyone pitches in then the house can be looking spotless in no time. If you are a clean freak then this might not be a good option for you, finding random hairs, rubbish down the side of the sofa, it can sometimes be disgusting.

Overall there are many, many different options when it comes to housing in the UK. Most of them are expensive but if you don’t mind giving up certain things, or changing the way you live then you can live affordably. It all depends on what you ultimately want.

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