Is university worth it?

In my opinion, no. It really isn’t.

If you pay attention to politics you might be led to believe that university is the only option for young people. From my personal experience this is also enforced on young people going through secondary school as well as doing A-Levels. There is one person responsible for all of this, Tony Blair.

During his tenure he seemed to think that 50% of young people should go to university, so he did his best to make this happen, and therefore in recent years, there are record numbers of people going to university. This was growing year on year until the Tories took over and took their more realistic approach of what was actually happening in the world and the job market, rather than what other parties wanted to happen.

The job market now doesn’t rely on university graduates as much as it used to, there just isn’t the demand for it. Figures show that 40% of millennials have university degrees, yet 47% work in non graduate jobs. While the Labour party, under Jeremy Corbyn, is still going along with Blair’s idea that 50% should be going to university. The Tories, as i previously said, are being more realistic about what the demands of the current job market actually are. The Conservatives have done this by focusing their attention on practical skills, and by 2020 they will have invested £2.5 Billion into apprenticeships as well as creating 3 million new ones.

This is hugely beneficial to practically everyone involved. The economy will be boosted, but young people will be far better off. One of the main reasons that university graduates fail to get jobs in their studied field is because they have no experience. This proves the fact that the job market doesn’t care as much about whether you have a degree or not, they care about experience. This is the thing that the Tories have realised and have started to focus on. Even when an employer does want you to have a degree, most of the time they don’t care what degree you have.

The way I see it if you really want to work in a certain field or industry. You don’t need to go to university to waste four years of your life, as well as gain a huge debt you will never be able to pay back. All you need is to get out there, meet the right people, make the right links that will get you somewhere. Another reason to do this is exactly what I said earlier, the current government is spending over £2.5 Billion on apprenticeships and practical skills, so you may as well get out there and take advantage of it. The bonus of doing that is that you are getting paid for it instead of gaining a massive debt.

However for some jobs and lines of work university is the only way, for example teaching or healthcare, for the jobs where you need to have studied. These are the only jobs in my opinion that are worth going to uni for, because you can earn a lot of money when you finally get there. However for a lot of people studying other degrees it can be extremely difficult to get a job in your studied field.

Richard Branson


There is also living proof that to be successful you don’t need a fancy degree or anything like that. For example Richard Branson, the man behind Virgin, there’s also Lord Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, Jeremy Clarkson and countless others. To do well in life you just need to know the right people and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

It really depends on each person, what you want to do in life, what you want to get out of life and what situation your in. It doesn’t even matter if you get low grades, you can still get into university, but there are other options. Some may be better than others, whereas for some people university is the better option.



There is also one other key thing about university and university life. Do not go to university purely because of the social aspect. You may enjoy it at the time and it will definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity, however your choice to go to university will change the rest of your life whether you want it to or not, so don’t let it rest on whether you want to have a good social life for three years. The effects will last a lifetime, so decided smartly.

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