Moving out at 18

It’s hard, for some people it can be easier but for most its hard, really hard. For me it was hard, but I got lucky. Luckily for me I had a job, and a boss, that took care of me.

I work in a pub and everyone there is just great. We’re like a weird dysfunctional family, or that’s what we say anyway. We all help each other and listen to each others problems, and that was exactly what I needed when I had to move out.

My boss knew basically everything that was going on in my life, and helped me a lot. She gave me advice before everything happened and then took me in and took care of me when I had no where else to go when she didn’t have to.

It was bad timing for me as well because it all happened when I was supposed to be preparing for my final A-Level exams. At the time I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t see the point in trying to do anything because I always seemed to come out on the wrong end.

Everyone that knew what I was going through was extremely supportive and helped me wherever they could. Luckily I had that group of people surrounding me to help me get through it, but a lot of other people don’t.

It was difficult financially as well, being 18 you get paid peanuts, or otherwise £5.61 an hour. As I was doing A-Levels that meant not being able to work that much and therefore not earning much. Definitely not enough to live independently.

Through my Sixth Form they were trying to help me get assistance through the council with housing and benefits but due to all different reasons that wasn’t going to happen.

Its pretty shit really that in the United Kingdom, a First world country, an 18-year-old going through A-Levels cannot get any help of any sort, or I couldn’t at least, and anybody trying to help me couldn’t manage to either. The only help I got was a couple of grants through my Sixth Form, which is run by the King Edwards Foundation.

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