Self driving cars

Self driving cars are one of the big new things when it comes to modern technology. Elon Musk and his company Tesla are the main reason for this with their major technological advancements, making all of the theory a reality. So far it all seems to be all positive and its all new and exciting. Another thing that the self-driving car industry is that it appears as though it is very safe, with very few incidents occurring. 

Because of the world that we live in there are a massive numbers of situations and reasons why self driving cars would be appealing. The main one being drinking and driving. A problem that occurs across the world. Therefore there’s a worldwide audience that is watching and contributing the the success of the cars. And also there are quite a few industries in which self driving would be massively effective. One of those industries being the huge transport industry. Again something that could be applied and used across the globe. 

The biggest benefit of all of this is that there is a lot of money from private companies as well as governments going towards making self driving cars a viable and reliable mode of transport.

In return there would be countless self driving cars on the road in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s a car, van or lorry.

This would mean that a lot of accidents that happen on our roads simply wouldn’t happen. This in itself would be beneficial to a countless number of services and people, especially the medical profession and the NHS. As we know the NHS is in absolute shambles and having less people through the door in A&E because of road accidents would lift a lot of stress off the service.

 Tesla is in my opinion by far the best and most reputable company in the self driving car business, mainly because they are a key player, they already have forms of self driving cars on the road already and at prices more affordable than ever. 

As I previously mentioned Elon Musk is the heart and soul of Tesla and is the face of modern technology. With SpaceX making break throughs with almost every launch and his other businesses and interests making its mark on the world the self driving car industry seems to be in very capable and reputable hands.

 Governments are also embracing self driving cars by changing various laws to allow it to progress and grow. For example our government allowing self driving cars on the roads and allowing them to be trialed and tested on our roads. 

I’ve got to admit there are countless positives for self driving cars and it does look like a great new addition the technology that we embrace and eventually make a necessity in everyday life.

However there are also some things that I fear and can’t help thinking about when I start thinking about self driving cars. One of them being the technology itself. What if it fails, or even worse what if it gets hacked by someone with some not so good intentions.

 There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and there’s a lot of safety procedures that need to be thought about and put into place. The next thing we need is not a load of self driving cars turning into Terminators mowing every one us across the pavement.

As well as that, what if the tech itself fails and seriously injures or even kills somebody. Who’s then to blame, the occupant of the car or the company that made the car, or the company that made the self driving system itself, or whoever else that could take the fall. All of these things need to be given a serious thought and answered long before self driving cars become fully automated and a part of everyday life.

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