The fall of Kevin Spacey

Born in South Orange New Jersey in 1959, Kevin Spacey is a famous actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and singer. As a fan of his work – I truly enjoyed watching him in House of Cards, he had many famous roles in epic movies like American Beauty, L.A. Confidential, The Unusual Suspects, among so many others.

The truth is that no one can understand how a man, who supposedly has everything in his life, is being accused of so many sex accusations. It seems that we are now watching House of Cards in the real life. Instead of a politician, Kevin Spacey is simply a famous person who took advantage of his power to do whatever he pleased.

Accusations seem that are far from being over. While everything started with the allegations of sexually abusing a 14-year old more than 30 years ago – Anthony Rapp, there are more names coming up. And this isn’t just happening here in the United States. Kevin Spacey is also facing a serious sex scandal in London, where he worked between 2004 and 2015 as the artistic director of the Old Vic theatre.

Between collaborators to bar waiters, men who were just trying to learn with one of the best actors to become one are now accusing Spacey.

While this could be an isolated incident only affecting the first reported victim – Anthony Rapp, this shouldn’t be no longer true. And what a shame it is. I really loved watching House of Cards at Netflix.

It was not only one of my favorite shows as I have always admired Kevin Spacey as an actor. And now, his career is over.

The truth is that no one can survive to this huge sex scandal. Not even Kevin Spacey.

Spacey took the time to apologize to Anthony Rapp after hearing his interview. He said that if he acted that way, he was heavily drunk and had no idea about what he was doing. And he even took a step further and finally assumed he was gay and that he decided to live his life as one. 

However, being gay, or coming out as gay, doesn’t excuse anyone from that kind of behaviour. And it certainly doesn’t mean that just because he is a famous actor he can do what he wants, when he wants. Specially in what comes to sex or intimate relations.

I can definitely say that I was in shock the first time I heard Anthony’s allegations. However, with more and more victims coming forward, both here and in the US, Kevin Spacey will never be the same for me again. And if there is something that I was happy to see was Netflix’s attitude on cancelling every single project where he was involved. Besides, they are also making sure that nothing happened on their stages.

While no one could have predicted this kind of behavior, at least they are doing something about it now.

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